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    Services of maintenance and proper operation inspection of sewer pipelines


    Since it had been established in 1996, company Varia d.o.o. has been providing services of maintenance and proper operation inspection of sewer pipelines.

    We have been cooperating with utility services companies, project design and engineering companies on jobs such as optimization of communal and industrial sewerage systems in order to develop and improve ecologically sustainable drainage system along with improving the quality of life in the local area.


    In cooperation with some of the most important engineering companies we conduct inspection and testing of existing drainage systems in order to determine the state the pipelines are in (damage, ruptures, watertightness, structural stability, erosion, etc.) and we give recommendations concerning optimal repairing, that is restoration methods, all in accordance with EU norms and standards.

    We have conducted inspection on over 700 km of sewer pipelines in Croatia and neighbouring states.


    To conduct an inspection we use instruments and equipment of renown world manufacturers.

    Every inspection is carried out in compliance with EU norms and recommendations.


    Many years of experience make us one of the leading companies in Croatia that provide services from our services portfolio.

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    • To provide professional testing services which will exceed the clients’ expectations;
    • To carry out testing in line with established methods and clients’ requests;
    • To implement and meet requirements of the HRN EN ISO/IEC 17025  standard in order to achieve common benefits for the client and the laboratory;
    • To follow systematically and continuously requests by the clients using the laboratory services;
    • To train laboratory staff systematically and continuously;
    • To prevent any pressures (economic, political and others) to laboratory staff;
    • To develop two-way communication with our clients through courtesy, as well as polite and professional approach;
    • To develop our quality system systematically and continuously.

    VARIA d.o.o.
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       Krunoslav Logarić
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